Breed Information

German Longhaired Pointers are a member of the Continental or Versatile gundog group. As a member of this group your longhair is expected to search, point, track and retrieve game. They can excel in all types of hunting situations, transitioning from waterfowl hunting to searching for upland game birds or retrieving furred game in the woods or prairies. With furred game typically referring to rabbit and squirrel in North America. Some states or provinces allow the use of these dogs for blood tracking deer (check with your local DNR for regulations).

German Longhaired Pointers are unique in their ability to switch from being calm in the household to being fiery, passionate hunters in the fields, prairies or vast forests.

These versatile gundogs have been bred for hunting over a century. What this means is that all of your German Longhaired Pointer’s ancestry has been hunt tested to prove that they can in fact meet stringent hunting criteria to give you a superior hunting companion time and time again.

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